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Links from this Tumblr lead to further nudist explorations (and celebrations), which in turn lead to a free membership site (The Nudist Sun) where members share their experiences and photography with the protection of a gated site. Age verification is required. There is no fee. You will also note some special offers unrelated to The Nudist Sun available at your discretion. Read more here: Member Registration.

As for this Tumblr - it’s mostly random stuff either from the interior gallery archives or features, or blurby stuff from current editions.

Note On Rebloggers: In the “notes” link you’ll note other blogs re-post our pictures to their own - often these are not “nudist” blogs, and you end on a porn site. However, if “nudist” or “naturism” is in the name of the blog re-posting us, it is probably a safe click (in terms of horror potential).

Our guidelines are fairly simple. If a picture is representative of a healthy, non-pornographic embrace of nudism, we consider it useful in terms of demonstrating the beauty of naturism. If the subject looks like a shucked clam (you know what we mean), we consider it something other than nudism for tastes dissimilar to our own.